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Communication Updates

2018-12   SRRUC Communication Update
2018-06   SRRUC Communication Update

Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses 

2022-05-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2022-04-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2021-12-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2021-10-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2021-08-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2021-05-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses 
2021-03-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses 
2020-12-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2020-09-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses 
2020-07-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2020-05-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses 
2020-02-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2019-10 SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2019-11-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses
2019-12-SRRUC Statement of Operating Revenue and Expenses 


2018-04  SRRUC April 2018 Quarterly Update

Technical Information

2017-12-22  Water Act Licence update Town of Turner Valley Transfer of Allocation
2017-11-21  Compliance Inspection report TV Waterworks System
2017-07-06  EPEA Application Surface Water Supply System
2017-06-30  SRRUC EPEA Approval Supplementary Info
2017-03-09  SRRUC Settling Pond Assessment Update
2016-12  Shallow & Groundwater Investigation Settling Pond
2016-12-06  SRRUC Water System Update
396081  Public Notice Water Licence Transfer Allocation

Meeting Minutes

2022-05-19 SRRUC Board Minutes
2022-03-24 SRRUC Board Minutes
2022-02-17 SRRUC Board Minutes
2022-01-20 SRRUC Board Minutes 
2021-09-16 SRRUC Board Minutes
2021-06-17 SRRUC Board Minutes
2021-04-15 SRRUC Board Minutes 
2021-02-18-SRRUC Board Minutes 
2020-12-17 SRRUC Board Organizational Minutes 
2020-12-17 SRRUC Board Minutes
2020-11-24 SRRUC Annual General Meeting 
2020-10-15 SRRUC Board Minutes 
2020-08-27 SRRUC Board Minutes
2020-06-18 SRRUC Board Minutes
2020-04-16 SRRUC Board Minutes
2020-02-20 SRRUC Board Minutes
2019-12-19-SRRUC Board Minutes
2019-11-28-SRRUC AGM Minutes
2019-11-28-SRRUC Organizational Minutes
2019-11-28-SRRUC Board Minutes
2019-10-17 SRRUC Board Minutes 
2019-09-19 SRRUC Board Minutes
2019-08-01  SRRUC Board Minutes
2019-06-17  SRRUC Meeting Notes
2019-05-13  SRRUC Board Minutes
2019-04-18  SRRUC Board Minutes
2019-02-21  SRRUC Board Minutes
2019-01-17  SRRUC Board Minutes
2018-12-14  SRRUC Board Minutes
2018-11-29  SRRUC AGM
2018-10-22  SRRUC Board Minutes
2018-09-13  SRRUC Board Minutes
2018-07-03  SRRUC Board Minutes
2018-05-17  SRRUC Board Minutes
2018-04-19  SRRUC Board Minutes
2018-02-27  SRRUC Board Minutes
2018-01-16  SRRUC Board Minutes
2017-12-11  SRRUC Board Minutes
2017-11-09  SRRUC Board Minutes
2017-08-29  SRRUC Board Minutes
2017-07-04  SRRUC Board Minutes
2017-05-09  SRRUC Board Minutes
2017-04-11  SRRUC Board Minutes
2017-02-28  SRRUC Board Minutes
2017-01-20  SRRUC Board Minutes
2016-11-18  SRRUC Board Minutes
2016-08-03  SRRUC Board Special Meeting Minutes
2016-04-14  SRRUC Board Minutes
2015-04-21  SRRUC Board Minutes
2015-03-10  SRRUC Board Minutes


2021-12-31 SRRUC Financial Statements
2020-12-31 SRRUC Financial Statements 
2019-12-31 SRRUC Financial Statements
2018-12-31  SRRUC Financial Statements
2017-12-31  SRRUC Financial Statements
2016-12-31  SRRUC Financial Statements

Water Works Advisory Committee Minutes

2021-09-18 WWAC Terms of Reference
2020-11-24 WWAC Minutes 
2019-02-05  WWAC Minutes
2018-11-29  WWAC Open House
2018-10-11  WWAC Minutes
2017-05-23  WWAC Minutes
2016-11-22  WWAC Minutes
2016-09-29  WWAC Minutes
2016-03-30  WWAC Minutes

Treated Versus Raw Water 

2022-06 Treated Versus Raw Water
2022-05 Treated Versus Raw Water
2022-04 Treated Versus Raw Water
2022-03 Treated Versus Raw Water
2022-02 Treated Versus Raw Water
2022-01 Treated Versus Raw Water
2021-10 Treated Versus Raw Water
2021-09 Treated Versus Raw Water
2021-08 Treated Versus Raw Water
2021-07 Treated Versus Raw Water
2021-06 Treated Versus Raw Water
2021-05 Treated Versus Raw Water 
2021-04 Treated Versus Raw Water
2021-03 Treated Versus Raw Water
2021-02 Treated Versus Raw Water 
2021-01 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-12 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-11 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-10 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-09 Treated Versus Raw Water 
2020-08 Treated Versus Raw Water 
2020-07 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-06 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-05 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-04 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-03 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-02 Treated Versus Raw Water
2020-01 Treated Versus Raw Water
2019-12 Treated Versus Raw Water
2019-11 Treated Versus Raw Water
2019-10 Treated Versus Raw Water
2019-09 Treated Versus Raw Water
2019-08 Treated Versus Raw Water
2019-07 Treated Versus Raw Water 
2019-06 Treated Versus Raw Water 
2019-04  Treated Versus Raw Water
2019-03  Treated Versus Raw Water
2019-02  Treated Versus Raw Water
2019-01  Treated Versus Raw Water

Annual Reports

2019 Annual Report Millarville Crossing
2019 Annual Report SRRUC

Alberta Environmental Appeals Board

2015-08-14 Report: Appeal Nos. 13-022-25, 14-011 and 14-018

​​​​​​Email from Alberta Environmental Appeals Board, Registrar of Appeals - PDF 

2018 Open House

SRRUC Waterworks Advisory Committee
Slide Presentation from Open House - November 29 2018